Travel need


1) Local Currency

2) Travel Document

  • International Passport – It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months validity from the day you return to your home country. Please bear in mind that special handling case if you or your travel partners are holding a Travel Documents under CERTIFICATE OF IDENTITY or EMERGENCY OF IDENTITY, it is your responsibility to follow up the necessary procedures especially on visa application.

  • Tourist Visa – You must have all the relevant visas, vaccinations, health certificates, and all necessary travel documents as required by the various government authorities of the countries to be visited. So, please check your existing visit country. Visa application service available as below listing:-


b) Myanmar

c) Australia

d) Nepal

e) USA

f) Canada

g) India


3) Clothing & Weather Forecast

Always check before travel to help you pack well your luggage and carry the right outfits. Appropriate & suitable clothing based on weather and season on the country you visit


4) Insurance

It is advisable to take up a travel insurance for unforeseen circumstances such as sickness as medical fees can be quite costly if the arises, flight delays, loss of baggage, etc…