About Us

LV Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd provides tour packages that are synonymous with the motto Muslim holidays, operates in Taman Eng Ann, located in the royal town Klang. Our company has been operated since 2005 and was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs headed by the director TN HJ Roslee Abd Hamid , with partners ranging from local residents who have over 10 years experience in the tourism industry with a group of visionary, as well as dedicated and professional attitude team in the effort to develop tourism in the region.

Providing a comfortable product package in our customer’s range regardless of local and foreign tourist. Customer will also get great discounts and attractive facilities during your stay at the selected hotel or resort. Offering both local & overseas destination such as Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and China. We offer customer-friendly products so that their travel experiences with us become one of the best experiences, secure and always embedded in their memories. Focusing on the Muslim packages under Muslim Halal label “MariMariCuti” that is synonym with Indonesia affordable package. We provide consultancy for those who want to organize their holiday schedule accordingly and worth paying for.

We also receiving various range of customer whether individuals, families, corporations, sports and recreation clubs or government from all over Malaysia & also internationally. We act professionally and provide full commitments & friendly service to our customers. We also act as a Tour Consultant offering a professional and efficient service to help customers get a quality service with a reasonable price.

The packages we offer now are “CUTI INDONESIA” which include the most popular shopping destinations such as Jakarta and Bandung, ancient Palace such as Borobudur in Yogyakarta and Solo, relaxing on the island of Bali, Medan Lake Toba and immerse in the culture of Padang Minangkabau , recent destinations “Mari Mari Cuti Indonesia” is Banda Aceh, Pekan Baru, and Surabaya. “CUTI THAILAND” take you to the country of “white elephant” visiting Bangkok, Chiangmai, Phuket and many other captivating destinations. “CUTI VIETNAM” will take you to the former famous American war relics in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Hanoi and beautiful beaches in Halong Bay. “CUTI CAMBODIA” offers destinations like Siem Reap & Phnom Penh. “CUTI HONG KONG” will bring you to shopping destination and some of the famous and interesting places like Disneyland which will be the memory of a lifetime for all children. More packages and destinations will be introduced such as package for Golf, Fishing Packages, Adventure Packages, Honeymoon Packages and many more. Destinations in the country will also be upgraded for customer satisfaction.


Finally, planning to go on holiday? Hurry contact us for a free consultation that will be given by our employees. So what are you waiting for, Lets Go! ….. Mari Mari Cuti !!!

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